Spatial layer update

Apart from holding species data, the NBN Atlas can also hold spatial data layers such as boundary, habitat and environmental data layers. These spatial layers provide the background information that enables the selection of species records by specific features, such as protected areas.

Recently updated layers

  • Sites of Special Scientific Interest (Scotland)
  • Special Protection Areas (Scotland)
  • Conservation Areas (Scotland)
  • Scottish Wildlife Trust reserve boundaries

New layers recently added

  • Annex 1 – Alkaline Fen, Transition Mire, Quaking Bog polygons (England)
  • Wood Pasture and Parkland Inventory (England)
  • Priority River Habitat – Headwater Areas (England)
  • Ancient Woodland (England)
  • Caledonian Pinewood (Scotland)
  • Pinewood zone (Scotland)
  • Scottish Wetlands Inventory
  • Habitat Network: Lowland Grassland Level 2 (Priority) (Wales)
  • Habitat Network: Lowland Heath Level 2 (Priority) (Wales)
  • Habitat Network: Upland Heath Level 2 (Priority) (Wales)
  • Habitat Network: Woodland Level 2 (Priority) (Wales)
  • Ancient Woodland Inventory 2011 (Wales)

Most recently our primary focus has been on sourcing and adding habitat information to the portal. Our selection of habitat layers is being guided by suggestions from members of the NBN Atlas steering groups and other NBN Atlas stakeholders. Over the next few months we will continue to source and build-up the numbers of habitat layers available in the NBN Atlas.

Accessing the spatial layers

The full set of spatial layers can be accessed through the NBN Atlas spatial portal. Navigate to the spatial portal from the NBN Atlas home page by selecting the ‘Analyse’ tab. Go to the ‘Add to Map’ dropdown in the top left corner and choose ‘Layers’ to reach the ‘Add Layer’ dialogue box. Layers are categorised by country and broad topic, and the metadata can be reached via the information (i) button alongside each layer name.

Please do get in contact with us if you have any suggestions for habitat (or indeed any other) layers you would find useful to have access to in the NBN Atlas.

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