NBN Atlas spatial portal update

As reported in last October’s NBN Atlas newsletter we are looking to review the value and usefulness of tools and functions that the spatial portal might offer to our data community. The key questions we are seeking to address are:

  • Which data analytical tools would be useful for your work if they were provided via the NBN Atlas?
  • Why are they useful?
  • What spatial data layers would you like to use in the NBN Atlas?
  • What tasks would you use these tools and layers for?

As many of you will know we held our first discussions at the NBN Conference last November when 49 people took part in the NBN Atlas spatial portal knowledge exchange session. A short summary of the discussion can be accessed via the NBN Conference 2019 – Network Knowledge Exchange Sessions page.

We now have a much better understanding of the known issues associated with the spatial portal, and have also received some very useful comments relating to our key questions, and we will use this information to inform future discussions about the feasibility of making improvements to the spatial portal.

In the meantime, we have become aware that a couple of the tools in the spatial portal, the ‘Points to Grid’ tool and the ‘Calculate AOO and EOO’ tool, have either not been working completely or could produce misleading results in their current form. Until we can make improvements to these tools, we have taken the decision to switch them off in the interface so that they are no longer accessible.

If you would like further information about any of the above items, please do get in contact with us by email. We would particularly like to hear from you if you have any comments to share on our key questions listed above, and especially so if you were unable to attend the Knowledge Exchange Session. You can contact us at support@nbn.org.uk

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