Improvements to the NBN Atlas Advanced Search

We have made improvements to the advanced search function, which is now live on the NBN Atlas.   The advanced search had previously not been working consistently well and the process of searching for specific records is now quick and easy.

Individual searches for Occurrence ID, Event ID and Collection Code can be made and it is possible to perform searches based on any or a combination of any of the following and clicking ‘Search’ or pressing enter:

Taxon Name (common or scientific)


Identified by

Recorded by

Data partner

Grid reference (defaults to GB)

Vice County

Vice County Ireland

Date (including a slider to specify a date range)

Basis of record (defaults to all options)

Identification verification status (defaults to any)

Licence type (defaults to all)


If a search using ‘Identified by’ or ‘Recorded by’ returns multiple records, the most relevant (best matched) records will be returned at the top of the list.  The form can be quickly cleared using the ‘clear all’ box at the bottom of the page.

Occurrence ID, Event ID and Collection Code are individual searches, and you can click the search box adjacent to them.  Alternatively, you can press the search box at the end of the page or click enter.

There is sample text in each search box, but we also hope to write some help documentation soon.

Although the advanced search function has been tested extensively, please do let us know if you have any problems or feedback about how we can improve it further, by emailing

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