Flag an issue on an occurrence record

The NBN is committed to making high quality biological data available in order to educate and inform about the state of the UK’s wildlife.

It is unavoidable that species records may contain inaccuracies. In order to continue to improve the quality of data on the NBN Atlas, we have added the ability for users to ‘Flag an issue’, if they see a problem with a record.

In brief, to raise an issue on a record, users should click on the ‘Flag an issue’ button on the top left corner of the occurrence record page.

Read our full guidance notes on how to ‘Flag an issue’ on a record.

Once an issue has been raised, the NBN Atlas administrators will be notified, who will then contact the data provider. The data provider, with Editor rights, can then verify the annotation on the record. The options are to:

  1. confirm that the information on the record is correct;
  2. confirm the mistake in the record and the NBN Atlas administrators can remove the record; and
  3. confirm the mistake in the record and the data provider resupplies the dataset with the updated record.

Read our information on how to verify annotations.

Data providers can receive an email alert when annotations are made to records in their datasets.  Read our information on how to receive email alerts. In due course, there will also be automatic notifications to both the data provider and to the person who made the comment.

It is possible to filter records that have annotations.  Read our information on how to exclude records that have annotations.

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