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Launch of the NBN Atlas Northern Ireland
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On Wednesday 29 May, the CEDaR partnership launched the NBN Atlas Northern Ireland, a new online platform that provides access to … Continued

NBN Atlas Species Dictionary update
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On 30 April 2019, the Species Dictionary on the NBN Atlas was updated with the latest version of the UK … Continued

NBN Atlas News – Issue 1
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We are pleased to bring you the first ever NBN Atlas News! With so many developments having recently taken place … Continued

Commercial use – how to filter records by licence type
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If you are using data for commercial purposes (one primarily intended for or directed towards commercial advantage or monetary compensation), … Continued

Enhanced access to sensitive records
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Records of sensitive species can be shared with the NBN Atlas at capture resolution and they are then ‘blurred’ on … Continued

New editing rights for data partners
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Data partners can now edit their data provider and data resource metadata on the NBN Atlas. You can edit most … Continued

Flag an issue on an occurrence record
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The NBN is committed to making high quality biological data available in order to educate and inform about the state … Continued

Spatial Layer update
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Written by Christine Johnston, NBN Atlas Project Officer Apart from holding species data, the NBN Atlas can also hold spatial … Continued