Enhanced access to sensitive records

Records of sensitive species can be shared with the NBN Atlas at capture resolution and they are then ‘blurred’ on upload to a pre-agreed resolution for public view. There are many situations in which data users need the data at the higher resolution and they can apply to the data partner for permission to access these.

Data providers can give individuals access to the supplied (original) location information (locality, latitude-longitude coordinates and grid reference) of records of specific sensitive species in specific data resources.

The supplied location (locality, latitude-longitude coordinates and grid reference) is only available in the downloads (both the simple and full Darwin core formats); the location information on the occurrence record page will remain as the generalised values, regardless of the level of access.

Read our information on how data partners can give access and manage their ‘white-list‘ of users.

Read our information on new download fields.

Further development

There will be a second phase of development work around access to sensitive records and this will include:

  1. Time-limited access
  2. Access by email domain (e.g. @naturalengland.org.uk).

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