Data quality tests

We’ve recently reviewed the data quality tests that are run on each record when the records are uploaded to the NBN Atlas. The aim of the tests is to find typical errors, such as problems with supplied locations, dates or taxon names and to indicate when a correction has been applied automatically. In addition, the tests flag possible issues in the records, such as when the first day of the month has been used as the record date.

The reason for the review was to ensure that all tests are working as expected and to disable any tests that are not required.

Further tests

There are several unavailable tests that we would like to enable and are investigating further. They include:

  1. Possible duplicate record
  2. Coordinates are out of range for species / Suspected outlier

We noticed that the test ‘Coordinates are transposed’, which indicates when the supplied latitude and longitude coordinates have been reversed, was not working and we will enable this test.


All the available data quality tests and their descriptions can be found on the NBN Atlas Help and Documentation Site . We’ve separated the list of active and disabled tests.

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