BTO dataset update

The large BTO + partners dataset has now been updated to include records up to the end of 2019.

The single, very large, dataset has been replaced by five smaller datasets, which will be easier for the NBN Atlas team to manage and update. The datasets are:

Birds (BTO+partners) to 2005
Birds (BTO+partners) 2006 – 2010
Birds (BTO+partners) 2011 – 2015
Birds (BTO+partners) 2016 – 2019
Birds (BTO/JNCC/RSPB partnership)

The bird taxonomy was recently updated on the UK Species Inventory (UKSI) and almost two million records were supplied in the BTO datasets with new taxon IDs and scientific names. As the UKSI on the NBN Atlas was updated in early October, the names are all correctly matched.

List of bird names and number of records affected

The aggregation of data resulted in a drop of 37,127,619 records supplied by the BTO. In September there was a drop in the number of records on the NBN Atlas of 35,726,764 records.

Read more about the reason for the update to this dataset

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