A more Agile way of working

Trello and how we use it for the NBN Atlas

We’ve recently adopted a more Agile way of working where the development backlog is split into Cards (tasks). These tasks are prioritised and scheduled into sprints which run sequentially for two weeks at a time. This way of working helps us to release improvements and fix bugs regularly, at the end of each sprint.

Cards are split into two categories;

a) new development (or small enhancements)

b) bugs (defects)

We then prioritise each card into a category;

1) Critical

2) High

3) Medium

4) Low

Regular sprint planning meetings with the developers determine what is achievable within each sprint. The cards are moved into the ‘Coming Up’ column and sized (effort vs time) and then moved to the ‘Next Up’ column during our sprint refinement phase. Developers move the ‘Next Up’ cards into the ‘Development’ column during the sprint, and once development is complete, thorough testing confirms the acceptance criteria has passed before the release at the end of the sprint.

Our current and recent priorities have, or will, include:


  1. Ability to flag an issue with a record
  2. Updating the species dictionary
  3. Occurrence Records Page Enhancements
  4. Enhancements to the overview tab
  5. November data processing


  1. Monitoring Software Testing
  2. Test Server feasibility research

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