NBN Action Plan 2015-2020 Responses

Summary of feedback

This is a summary of feedback to the draft NBN Strategic Action Plan 2015-2020. The NBN Secretariat is processing all responses to prepare a final version of this document later in August that will be circulated along with an outline of the next steps. Our thanks to everyone who submitted a response on this draft document.

Executive summary
A total of 42 responses were received representing a cross section of NBN members and Data Partners. No responses have yet been received from consultancies or industry.
At least one organisation expressed an interest in delivery of each of the 104 actions in the plan.  72 actions (69%) had at least 10 members expressing interest in collaboration. The strategic actions where NBN members have shown the greatest commitment are listed in Box 1 (see below).
The most popular action was ‘1A.1 Increase verification capacity through establishment of a UK Verification Network to share best practice, celebrate success and recruit’ (n=29) and this was also identified as a priority for immediate action. Strategic Aim 1: ‘Increase, streamline and standardise the capture of high quality, structured biological data’ had the most combined commitment across all responses. 

The current situation

101 actions (97%) are already being worked on by members of the Network. The work areas where most activity is occurring include promoting biological recording (3A.2), attracting new generations of recorders (3A.3), developing resources (1D.3), increasing verification capacity (1A.1) and encouraging data sharing (3B.3). 86 actions (83%) are already being worked on by more than 10 members, all of which come from Strategic Aim 1 “Record and capture”.   
Many areas of the Network’s current work require further resources. In particular these include increasing verification capacity (1A.1), commissioning and supporting new data capture (1A.8), supporting sharing of data by ecological consultants (1A.9), mobilising new recorders (1E.3) and targeting taxonomic and geographic gaps (1B.7).
The actions that the fewest people are working on were not identified as immediate priorities for the Network and have less commitment to delivery. These actions include providing accreditation for data providers and users (2B.2, 1A.4), organising events to develop new tools and creating an NBN Toolbox (2D.7, 2D.8), publishing a Communications Strategy for NBN Trust (3A.1), improving the UK Habitat Inventory (1A.11), developing a new NBN data access framework (2C.8) and developing and implementing a sustainable funding model for the NBN Trust (5C.4).  However, many of these actions were ranked as ‘mission critical’ and ‘high’ by the NBN Secretariat. The NBN Secretariat will review these priority actions. 

In terms of combined commitment, people appear to be most committed to actions in Strategic Aim 1: “Record and capture” and Strategic Aim 2 “Data use” (see Box 2). Fewer people are committed to work on information management infrastructure (Strategic Aim 4) and supporting the development of the NBN Trust (Strategic Aim 5). The NBN Secretariat will have to ensure these Aims receive the necessary attention.

Next steps

The Secretariat of the NBN Trust will continue to analyse the responses to the NBN Action Plan 2015-2020, many of which contained additional comments and insights into current and future areas of work. 
The priority actions to take forward over the next 12 months will be identified and working groups established to start implementing these actions. It may be necessary for a working group to look at more than one action where actions with a similar theme exist. 
In addition to establishing new working groups, a review of who is already working on key actions will be undertaken.  In some instances it may be that current work will be sufficient to achieve an action, and where others have expressed interest in being involved, discussion will be initiated to link organisations together to maximise our collective resources.
The NBN Secretariat looks forward to working with all NBN members and Data Partners over the coming months to start implementing the NBN Action Plan 2015-2020. If you did not send in a response there is still time to do so, please send your completed action plan or any questions you may have to support@nbn.org.uk.

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