Monitoring for nature recovery and local change resource library

The monitoring for nature recovery and local change resource library is now live on the JNCC website. It has been developed in partnership with Defra, the Environment Agency, Forest Research, and Natural England through the Natural Capital and Ecosystem Assessment (NCEA) programme.

The library aims to provide methods and tools for anyone interested in monitoring species, habitats, and ecosystems locally, and serves as a guide to support setting up new initiatives through citizen or participatory science. The methods and tools listed are robust, scientifically supported methods designed to capture records that provide insight into the state of species and habitats, and how they change over time. Using standard approaches will also allow comparability and interoperability, meaning results can be more easily compared to national or other area trends, and records may contribute to broader analyses and understanding about nature recovery.

This resource library will be expanding and changing over time to reflect the information and resources that become available and be guided by the feedback from the wider user community. JNCC would like to  encourage you to use the resources available and to re-visit the pages to see any new developments and additions over time. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and you are invited to send any observations, critique, comments and suggestions through the feedback form available on the website.

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