Mission Mallow – help search for an unusual moth!

Butterfly Conservation Scotland is asking for help in searching for the caterpillar of the Mallow moth, this June, particularly from southern Scotland.

Last year a Mallow moth was found near Tyninghame in East Lothian – the first record in Scotland for over 60 years!  So Butterfly Conservation Scotland is keen to find out if the range of the Mallow moths is beginning to increase again after a decline in recent decades.

As it is easier to look for Mallow moth caterpillars than the adult moths themselves, they suggest looking for these green, 3 cm-long caterpillars on the leaves of Hollyhock, Common Mallow, Tree Mallow and Marsh Mallow, after dark, with a torch.

Please send photos of the Mallow moth caterpillars together with details of the plant and its location to: missionmallow@eastscotland-butterflies.org.uk

If you search the relevant plants without finding Mallow moth caterpillars, please report this too.

Read this poster for more information.







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