Invasive Species Week 2022

Over 2,000 plants and animals have been introduced to Great Britain from all over the world. Most of these non-native species are harmless, indeed the majority of our agricultural species (wheat, barley, sheep etc) are not native, but around 10-15% become invasive non-native species which spread and have a harmful impact.

Invasive non-native species are one of the top five drivers of global biodiversity loss. Here in Britain they threaten the survival of native wildlife, damage our natural ecosystems, cost the economy over £1.7 billion a year, and can even harm our health and interfere with activities we enjoy.

Invasive Species Week

Invasive Species Week is an annual national event to raise awareness of the impacts of invasive non-native species, the simple things that everyone can do to prevent their spread, and some of the fantastic work taking place across the UK, Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man to protect the environment and reduce their impacts.

Invasive Species Week 2022

Why not take part in this year’s Invasive Species Week from 16 – 22 May? You could host an event, find a Local Action Group to volunteer with, or look out for invasive plants while you’re on a walk.
Find out more and how you can take part.

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