iNaturalistUK – a year in review

In April 2021 iNaturalistUK launched and became part of the global iNaturalist community. Over the past year the number of users and observations has steadily grown. Over 800,000 observations were made of nearly 12,000 different species.

See the iNaturalistUK community’s achievements in the iNaturalistUK Year in Review.  

The Year in Review contains lots of interesting facts and figures including the number of new species added during the year, observations with the most Comments and Faves (sic) and some year to year comparisons.

Existing iNaturalist users can also see their own stats by following the link in the page or (then type in your user name immediately after the /). You can also see how the UK compared to iNaturalist users in other countries. 

To find out more about iNaturalistUK take a look at the information on our website  

We are looking forward to seeing how iNaturalistUK grows over the next year and comparing the year on year figures at the end of 2022. We hope you’ll sign up and join us.

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