iNaturalist receives $10 million grant

Soon after the announcement that iNaturalist had become an independent non-profit organisation in July, it has now received a generous $10 million grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation!

Challenge and Opportunity

This grant—the largest in iNaturalist’s history—is a testament to everything the iNaturalist community has accomplished to date and an investment in iNaturalist’s capacity to address the biodiversity crisis by scaling its conservation impact. It will enable iNaturalist to embark on a new phase of growth and impact through to 2030.

The biodiversity crisis is becoming more acute every day. iNaturalist already has millions of participants engaged in documenting biodiversity with the click of a camera, but millions more people need to be involved to address the growing threats to biodiversity.

These are big challenges for iNaturalist: expanding its community, increasing engagement, and exploring new ways to translate biodiversity data into conservation impact. The generous grant from the Moore Foundation is a major first step to addressing those challenges.

Donations Matched

As part of the grant, donations made up to 31 December 2023 will be doubled and recurring donations will be tripled. This turns a $10 one-time donation into $20 and $10 per month into $30 per month.

This grant and matching donations will go toward ensuring all contributions to iNaturalist will have a lasting impact.

Together, through iNaturalist’s unique global community working to understand, document, and protect nature, we can make a profound difference in safeguarding our planet’s precious biodiversity.

Find out more and read the FAQs on the iNaturalist blog


If you would like to get involved in recording wildlife, you can sign up for an account on iNaturalistUK. This is a collaboration led by the NBN Trust with the Marine Biological Association and the Biological Records Centre. You can find out more and how to get involved on the iNaturalistUK section of this website.

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