Help us to determine the strategic direction of the NBN

As mentioned in our recent news item, over the next six months the National Biodiversity Network will be refreshing its strategic direction. Drivers for this refresh include the recent changes in NBN Trust staff, technological advances for biological recording and data curation and the ever changing landscape of biodiversity activity in the UK.  
The NBN Trust is seeking input from its members and from data providers throughout the UK, but it is also keen to hear the views of as many people and organisations who have links with the Network as possible.
We would therefore be very grateful if you could complete the questionnaire 
We welcome organisational and individual responses and you are welcome to forward the questionnaire to the constituent members of your organisation so they can respond also.
Please could you complete the questionnaire by Friday 5th September in order for us to collate responses and to continue the process with follow up phone calls, workshops or meetings as determined through this process.  If you have any queries please contact us at

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