Exciting marine sightings around the south west coast

DASSH the flagship initiative of the Marine Biological Association (MBA) recently recorded an unusual sighting.

Rissoides desmaresti, a species of Mantis Shrimp, was spotted by a local fisherman, Luke Tanner, in Brixham, Devon. Rissoides desmaresti are usually found in the Mediterranean and are only very occasionally recorded off the west and south coast of the UK. 

Rissoides desmaresti c.Luke Tanner
Rissoides desmaresti c.Luke Tanner


You can find data on this species on DASSH and on the NBN Atlas.















The team at DASSH is also pleased to report that St Piran’s Hermit Crab, Clibanarius erythropus, is making a steady comeback, according to data. There have been 34 new sightings around the Cornwall and Devon coast recorded on iNaturalist since January 2023. St Piran’s Hermit Crab disappeared from UK shores after the Torrey Canyon spill in 1967 and has only recently been re-discovered. 

St Pirans Crab c. Julie Blunt DASSH
St Piran’s Hermit Crab c. Julie Blunt DASSH

Saint Piran’s Day, or the Feast of Saint Piran, is the national day of Cornwall and is held on 5 March every year, so this news is quite timely! 

 You can find data on this species on DASSH and the NBN Atlas.

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