EU survey to identify how citizen science can benefit environmental policy

A consortium formed by BIO Innovation Service, Ibercivis and the Natural History Museum in London is developing an inventory of environmental citizen science initiatives taking place at EU, regional or national level to explore their contribution to environmental policy-making.

If you are leading, funding or know about relevant citizen science initiatives or platforms in your country with potential or actual effects on any step of the policy cycle (awareness-raising, early- warning, policy development or implementation, monitoring or evaluation, compliance or complaint handling), please complete this survey – which should take you less than two minutes.

The European Commission is increasingly recognizing the potential of citizen science to support environmental policy decisions, notably by contributing to the knowledge base needed for policy- making and by improving public engagement. However, this potential still remains largely untapped. The European Commission would thus like to take a step towards the better integration of citizen science into policy by exploring the conditions for its reliable and efficient use in policy.

Your contribution will be acknowledged in the study report. Please spread the word amongst your contacts and network.  The deadline for completing this survey is the end of February and not 15 February (as stated on the questionnaire).

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