Darwin Tree of Life – chance to participate

Darwin Tree of Life (DToL) is a world leading genomics research partnership between groups such as Kew Gardens, the Natural History Museum in London and many more.

Headed by the  Wellcome Sanger Institute, DToL is a highly ambitious scientific research project, which aims to fully sequence the DNA of all complex life across Britain and Ireland to create a new way of understanding biodiversity and transform how we conduct biological research. 

Terry Watkins, an independent consultant who specialises in public engagement projects for the science and natural history sectors, is undertaking an evaluation project for the DToL public engagement programme. He is exploring levels of interest and potential connections with the scheme among amateur naturalist groups and is looking for seven NBN Trust members to participate in a ninety-minute online discussion group. The session includes a ten minute introduction to the project, so prior knowledge of DToL and preparation is not required. Indeed, he is keen to speak to some people who are completely new to the project. The session will be held in the early weekday evenings. 

If you are interested in taking part, please email Sophia Ratcliffe. The deadline for expressing interest in joining this discussion group is 29 April 2022.

As a token of appreciation of the time you be giving up, £200 is available to be divided equally amongst the participants of the discussion group!


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