Contract developer for the NBN Atlas

As reported on last month, we are delighted that Helen Manders Jones has joined us for an initial three months working as a contract developer. Helen has over 20 years experience working as a Java developer and is supporting Justin, our Systems Developer, in the on-going bug fixing, support and maintenance of the NBN Atlas.

Here’s a bit about Helen…

Helen Manders Jones

I started off studying Music, switched to Oceanography then for some reason decided I did like Mathematics after all and ended up doing a PhD in it with High Performance Computing.  I’ve been contracting as a full stack Java enterprise developer for over 20 years and have worked all over the UK and a little in Europe and North America. I was thrilled when I was invited to join the awesome NBN Atlas team to work on the mighty NBN Atlas application. I’m rather fanatical about windsurfing and spend as much time as possible on, in or next to the sea.

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