Call for papers

New Approaches to Citizen Science

Advances in technology have revolutionised “citizen science”, and far more people are involved in different ways than ever before. Now, high-quality contributions about citizen science are being invited for a special issue of Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation. The aim is to demonstrate the diversity of citizen science, in terms of approach and research themes, and the contributions of remote-sensing techniques.

They are particularly interested in innovative research that identifies the intersection between remote sensing and citizen science for conservation, such as DIY balloon or kite mapping, the use of photo-sharing apps and the integration of satellite observations with ground truth by volunteers. Papers that reveal how citizen science and remote sensing can be used to monitor Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBVs) are also welcome. The main objective is to describe the breadth and depth of engagement that is now possible using different approaches to citizen science.

High-quality submissions for this special issue will be considered on a case-to-case basis for a full fee waiver, where authors are unable to pay the Article Processing Fees.

Deadline and submissions

The submission deadline is 15th October

Further information and how to submit a paper can be found on the ZSL website

The Journal

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