3D app brings UK bumblebees to life on your phone

Bumblebee Conservation Trust has launched a wildlife app that gives users a new view of bumblebees through an augmented reality 3D function.

The free ‘What’s that Bumblebee’ app lets people engage with nature in a different and fun way by bringing a three-dimensional bumblebee to virtual life in the user’s own garden or living room, for studying in detail and with the option of capturing images to send to family and friends.

The app also makes it easy for bumblebee-beginners to identify which of the UK’s most common eight species of these important pollinating insects may be buzzing around their garden or local park.

In total there are 24 bumblebee species in the UK, but the most common ‘Big 8’ that people are most likely to see in their garden or park are:

  • Buff-tailed bumblebee
  • Common carder bee
  • Early bumblebee
  • Garden bumblebee
  • Heath bumblebee
  • Red-tailed bumblebee
  • Tree bumblebee
  • White-tailed bumblebee.

The ‘What’s that Bumblebee” app offers a brief description of these eight species, and allows users to compare similar species side-by-side.

Andy Benson, Education Officer of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust says:

“In these difficult times, lots of people have been appreciating nature and wanting to find out more. The ‘What’s that Bumblebee’ app makes it easy for people of all ages to discover and identify different bumblebees visiting their gardens, outdoor spaces, parks or window boxes,” 

It is hoped that the app will help to increase public awareness of the importance of bumblebees and encourage people to create more bee-friendly spaces as the UK’s bumblebee populations have declined.

The ‘What’s that Bumblebee’ app is available for Apple and Android, and works on compatible phones and tablets and is free to download.

For more information, please visit: bumblebeeconservation.org

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