In December 2020, SBIF presented a programme proposal to Scottish Government outlining the investment necessary to implement the SBIF Review recommendations.  It makes the case for sufficient sustainable public funding to transform our recording infrastructure and catalyse long-term funding from other sectors.  It sets out six projects that will undertake the necessary transformation by 2025.

The first project is focussed on the necessary feasibility studies and project development.  This sets the foundations for the next project to establish the National and Regional Hubs.  A further project then develops a shared technical road map and invests in our Super Partners who provide invaluable Infrastructure support and services across Scotland.  The newly established National and Regional Hubs will then have capacity to undertake three projects to facilitate improved data flows, develop value-added services, and build capacity with recording groups and community groups to maximise engagement and participation.

It is proposed that a small Programme Team of five programme staff will work alongside five National Hub staff (recruited early in the Programme) so that the Programme Team has sufficient capacity and capability to plan and implement the first tranche of work. Once the first tranche has been undertaken, the National and Regional Hub Teams will resource the planning and implementation of the second tranche.

The total investment required to undertake the programme is £15.2 million over five years (£3.05 million per year from 2020/21 to 2024/25 to cover salary costs and a contribution to Super Partner Platforms), with an ongoing cost of £2.88 million per annum thereafter.

   SBIF Review Programme Proposal – Investing in Nature: Evidence