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We recommend:
12. NBN REGIONAL HUB SERVICE FOCUS & BRANDING: NBN Regional Hub Partners should provide services that i) support the flow of biological records to the NBN Atlas for Open use, ii) raise the awareness of, engagement in, and support for biological recording, and iii) support the effective interpretation and use of biological records in local and regional decision-making.
13. CONSISTENT SERVICE PROVISION ACROSS SCOTLAND: NBN Regional Hub Partners should offer a set of core services in a consistent way so that service users from across Scotland can access the same core service from any location in Scotland.
14. NBN REGIONAL HUB HOSTING ARRANGEMENTS: NBN Regional Hub Partners should be hosted by an organisation that can provide access to professional back office support (including finance, human resources and IT), line management and office facilities.
15: NATIONAL & REGIONAL HUB SERVICE STRATEGY: A national service strategy for the biological recording infrastructure in Scotland should seek to perennially grow the contribution of the Infrastructure in support of the National Outcomes for Scotland.