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We recommend:
1. PRIMACY OF THE NBN & NBN ATLAS: The National Biodiversity Network (NBN) and NBN Atlas platform remain the primary place for the submission, dissemination and discovery of biological records and added-value datasets and services.
2. AFFILIATION OF DATA SUBMISSION ROUTES: All biological records should be submitted online and channelled to the NBN Atlas via standard, affiliated routes.
3. SINGLE, CENTRAL ROUTE FOR CASUAL RECORDS: iRecord should be the single, central affiliated channel through which to submit ‘ad hoc’ records for verification, inclusion in relevant National Recording Schemes and dissemination via the NBN.
4. PRIMACY OF AFFILIATED DATA SUBMISSION ROUTES: Biological records for a specific National Recording Scheme, recording group, project or organisation should be submitted via their affiliated route.
5. PROVISION OF RECORDS COLLECTED UNDER LICENCE OR FOR CONSENT/STATUS: Biological records collected with public funding, under licence, for Environmental Impact Assessment or planning consent, or for an academic or professional qualification, should be provided to the NBN Atlas as a matter of good practice.
6. RECOGNITION & RESOURCING OF A CENTRAL DATA MANAGEMENT PORTAL: Recorder 6 and Marine Recorder should evolve to become the common, central data management portal for data custodians to collate, view and manage their own biological records and datasets (unless a suitable internal business system is used).
7. RECOGNITION & RESOURCING FOR SUPER PARTNERS*: Super Partners should be fully recognised and sustained to a level that has the capacity to support verification on a major scale.
8. SYSTEM SIMPLIFICATION: The systems and tools available for collecting, curating, aggregating and disseminating biological records across all environments (terrestrial, freshwater and marine) and sectors should be rationalised.
9. ESTABLISHMENT OF AN NBN NATIONAL HUB: An NBN National Hub for Scotland should be established to support a network of NBN Regional Hubs and to facilitate the flow of biological records into the NBN Atlas to create a definitive evidence base for Scotland.
10. ESTABLISHMENT OF A NETWORK OF NBN REGIONAL HUBS: A network of NBN Regional Hubs operating in partnership with the NBN Trust covering the whole of Scotland should be created.
11. AUTOMATED USE FEEDBACK & SHOWCASING: Use feedback for Recorders and Data Providers should be built into all automated processes facilitated by the NBN Atlas