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We recommend:
16. RECOGNITION & RESOURCING OF A CENTRAL HUB FOR THE UK: The NBN Trust should be given special status as the Lead Governance Body for the biological recording infrastructure in Scotland.
17. GOVERNANCE OF NBN SCOTLAND: The NBN National Hub for Scotland should be established as a division of NBN Trust and should be known as NBN Scotland.
18. UNIFICATION OF BRC & NBN TRUST DATA MANAGEMENT SERVICES: The data management services of the Biological Records Centre (within the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology) and the NBN Trust should be brought together either through amalgamation or through a formal partnership arrangement for maximum synergy.
19. TEAM BUILDING & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: The NBN Trust should invest in a National and Regional Hub professional development programme to build rapport, to encourage common ways of working and to grow collective capacity through developing the skills and capabilities of everyone involved.