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We recommend:
20. A SINGLE FRAMEWORK AGREEMENT: Sufficient public funding should be provided to cover the core operating costs of the NBN Trust and its network of National and Regional Hubs, Super Partners and community groups in perpetuity where these are providing public services as a public good in support of the National Outcomes for Scotland.
21. FUNDING DRAWN FROM THOSE WHO GAIN VALUE OR CAUSE HARMS: The source of public funding should be designed to i) share the core operating costs of the Infrastructure between the sectors who need to access biodiversity data and realise value from doing so and to ii) base the greatest burden of funding upon those whose activities are key drivers of biodiversity loss.
22. A SINGLE APPROVED BODY TO DISBURSE FUNDS: The NBN Trust should be the Approved Body for the disbursement of funding provided through any Framework Agreement.
23. COMMUNITY FUNDS TO SUPPORT VERIFIERS, RECORDERS & OUTREACH: A Community Fund should be established to facilitate the scaling up of public participation in biological recording to ease current pressure points and to encourage participation and equal access for all.