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Contributor: S Bushes


  • Use of the autosuggest. Being able to get an instant idea of genus, family, or even order(!) is a massive help when you are first starting out and learning.
  • The more UK users feed images into the training model, the better it will become at being able to ID UK species, so it gives one a sense of contributing to this bigger goal too.
  • Being able to help others with identification makes one feel less like one is just taking without giving. The system is more like a skill-sharing and learning / teaching opportunity.
  • In addition, it is just more of a social and community space to record in. The Facebook groups are like this in UK, but the Facebook groups don´t automatically record any of the data which passes through them and simply aren´t built for biological recording. Meanwhile, though iRecord is built for recording, its not a social space.
  • Exceptional design! The user friendly interface isn´t just easier to use than the other options, its also speedier to use. You can upload a lot more observations in a lot less time. This means more time spent out and about enjoying nature itself.
  • Sharing a support network with the broader global community is really helpful ( there are experts on iNaturalist in some areas that we simply don´t have in the UK for example )
  • Better awareness of global biodiversity – great way to armchair travel!

Source S Bushes on the iNaturalist Forum 15 April 2021