The second iNaturalistUK User Group meeting took place on 15 December 2021 and was attended online by around 30 people. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Following the first meeting in September 2021 we received a lot of queries and feedback around the data flow from iNaturalistUK to iRecord and on to the NBN Atlas.

We are grateful to Martin Harvey, Biological Records Centre, who provided the group with an overview of progress to date. Watch his presentation (on YouTube) or view the slides.

We know that there is still work to do to improve this process and we will be working with iNaturalistUK users and iRecord verifiers over the coming months to enhance this process. Please also refer to iNaturalistUK and its place in biological recording data flow.

Following the presentation attendees were asked to give their thoughts on the following two questions: Thinking about the quality of individual iNaturalistUK records, what’s already good or working well? and What are the issues that are limiting the value of individual iNaturalistUK records?

View the responses.

The rest of the session was dedicated to discussing these issues in greater detail and suggesting ideas and solutions to improve the experience of users as well as quality of records being submitted. These included topics such as raising awareness of how to use functionality e.g. selecting locations and licence; to changes to the iNaturalist App e.g. flag species that cannot be identified by a photo alone.

There were lots of positive ideas raised and we will be working through them all. We will also be working out the best way to present the ideas and share progress.  So watch this space!

Next meeting

It was proposed that we have further meetings on a quarterly basis. The next meeting is likely to take place in April 2022.  Details will follow.

In the meantime, please do email any ideas and thoughts you have to inaturalistuk@nbn.org.uk

If you wish to be part of the user group or simply want to be updated on the meetings please add your name to the mailing list.