We hope that you are enjoying iNaturalistUK . Many people use the App on their phone or tablet but did you know you can access much more on the website? These hints and tips aim to help you to get more out of using iNaturalistUK

Affiliate to iNaturalistUK

By affiliating to the site shows your support for using iNaturalistUK as a recording tool in the UK. By logging in to the desktop site https://uk.inaturalist.org/ you will be able to see UK specific announcements on your dashboard. Otherwise you will only see notifications sent to all global users.

To check your affiliation:

On the App

Settings > iNaturalistNetwork – check that iNaturalist United Kingdom is selected

On the website

Account Settings > Account – use the drop down arrows under iNaturalist Network Affiliation to select iNaturalist United Kingdom

Your dashboard – take time to explore (available on the website)

  • see all your observations,
  • see who has added to your identifications
  • edit your observations – either in a batch edit or one by one
  • view your life lists
  • see which projects you have joined

You can also edit your profile and amend your settings from the dashboard too. Go to Account Settings and review the different menu options. These include setting the licence for your observations, chose whether you want to see common or scientific names first, or set your default place when you open ‘Explore’ e.g. Nottingham or Cumbria or the UK.


Lots of organisations and groups have set up projects which are usually open to anyone to join. Explore the Projects page.

To find if there are any projects in an area near you

From the top grey navigation bar select More > Places

Enter your area in the ’Find a Place’ box e.g. Liverpool city. Any projects that include Liverpool city will appear in the tabs.

There are also projects for species groups such as Slugs and Snails of the UK or areas such as Get Cumbria Buzzing. Visiting a National Park? Why not join the National Parks UK LookWild project? Can’t find  a project which interest you  – why not start your own?

Pinned Location

Do you regularly record in one place? Did you know you can create a pinned location? By creating pins for sites you visit regularly such as a local park or reserve this can help save you from entering the same information each time.

On the website when you upload an observation look for the ‘Pin’ symbol under the map when you select a location. You can give the site a name that is useful for you.

Even if you use a pinned location to provide a quick link to the location you can still zoom in and mark the exact location.

You can also access pinned locations on the App. Simply select your observation once loaded, click in location field, then click on the three dots. Useful if your GPS thinks you are somewhere else!

Help Videos

There are some useful short video on how to use iNaturalist App and the website including improving taking photos, helping to identify other peoples sightings and exploring observations. Take a look.

Help Guides

A variety of guides exist to help you navigate iNaturalistUK. The Getting Started page is a great place to…start!

iNaturalist Forum

Still want to know more or have a query you cant find an answer to? The iNaturalist Forum is an active community and a comprehensive resource.