A time to celebrate!
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Blog written by Rachel Tierney, SBIF Development Officer. Following Scotland’s call for a sustainable biodiversity data network, great energy went … Continued

My First Biological Record
SBIF Blog: https://nbn.org.uk/blogs/sbif-blog/my-first-biological-record/

Blog written by Jonathan Willet, BRISC Committee member. It might surprise you to know that Lourdes has played a part … Continued

Why do Councils need access to biological data?
SBIF Blog: https://nbn.org.uk/blogs/sbif-blog/why-do-councils-need-access-to-biological-data/

Blog written by Guy Harewood, Sustainable Development Officer at Stirling Council. First up, the formal introduction with the usual quotes … Continued

SBIF Review shortlisted for CIEEM Awards
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Blog written by Rachel Tierney, SBIF Development Officer. SBIF Review shortlisted for CIEEM Awards We are delighted to announce that … Continued

National data for a National Park
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Blog written by Andy Ford, Head of Conservation, Cairngorms National Park. Before I get stuck into what the SBIF Review … Continued

SBIF from a marine scientist’s perspective
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Blog written by Dr Joanne Porter, Associate Professor, Heriot Watt University. I have been a user of biological data from … Continued

SBIF from a Local Record Centre’s perspective
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Blog written by Glenn Roberts, North East Scotland Biological Records Centre Co-ordinator. The outcome of the SBIF Review is very … Continued

Picturing the future
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Blog written by Rachel Tierney, SBIF Development Officer How do the 24 recommendations set out in the SBIF Review fit … Continued