Targeting Revisits: Allowing Analysis of Species Trends

The Biological Records Centre is undertaking a project to add value to the data it holds. The BRC looked at the single records it holds from a few recording schemes and decided to maximise the value of these data points by encouraging naturalists to revisit the same site to record the same species. Having at least two data points separated by time allows species trend analysis to take place.

In 2020 BRC developed the Targeting Revisits Map for Grasshoppers and bushcrickets. In 2021 they updated the selection to include Targeting Revisits Maps for Craneflies, Ground beetles and Soldierflies.

This strategic look at the data that is held and how its value can be maximised is a really interesting development and can guide those keen to make their biological recording as valuable as possible. To find out more have a look here.

PS. I know that there are no Stag Beetles in Scotland (yet…) but I couldn’t resist using the picture. Beetles are indeed brilliant!

You can also read a longer article on this project in the main NBN News section.

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