SBIF Co-Chairing Agreement

The SBIF Advisory Group and Working Group is now being co-chaired by Ellen Wilson and Gill Dowse. This reflects the close working relationship between Ellen Wilson RSPB and Gill Dowse of the Scottish Wildlife Trust on SBIF matters, as well as their long association with SBIF. It was decided that a co-chairing of SBIF better reflected what is needed to support the delivery of the SBIF Recommendations in full. Gill has agreed to take on this role and this was approved by the SBIF Advisory Group in September 2021. 

The Better Biodiversity Data Project, is currently pending final funding approval from the Scottish Government. We hope that a formal announcement of the initiation of this project will take place early in 2022. 

Happy New Year to you from all at SBIF.

The image is of a Shetland Bumblebee on Kidney Vetch (the ginger race of the Moss Carder Bee  found in the Western and Northern Isles) on the Mainland (of Shetland)

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