SBIF Better Biodiversity Data Project – Still on Track

SBIF’s Better Biodiversity Project is still on track, even though the blog space has been a bit quiet of late; lots has been going on. The Development Officer post was extended until the end of September to maintain communication with funders and other stakeholders. We are working hard to bring on board a host organisation for the Better Biodiversity Data Project, if successful, this will unlock the funding for the project. All going to plan the project should commence in Autumn this year.

Since my blog in January, I have organised a meeting with some Scottish LERCs looking at the requirements for a National Database, convened a joint meeting with Welsh and Scottish LERCs looking at the data management and public interface systems they use and supported the development of the Scottish Marine Biodiversity Data Review that has just started (its findings will be published in the New Year). The working group are all beavering away to push the Better Biodiversity Data Project over the line and into delivery and remain extremely optimistic that this is around the corner.

I was lucky enough to be up on Shetland last week and it was glorious. Just like down in the Highlands Spring has been pretty late, with few Shetland Bumblebees or Large White Butterflies about but the warm weather up there (15 degrees!) is speeding everything up. I attach a picture of Yell Sound, just to prove how good the weather was.

Sunny Skies on Shetland – Yell Sound


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