NBN Annual Report 2015 – 2016

“It is particularly exciting to see the NBN Atlas Scotland unfold; this is the first step in the NBN Atlas Project for the whole UK that should transform our biodiversity infrastructure” – Michael Hassell, NBN Chairman

“I will maintain the priority to engage with partners and members to build a stronger Network and greater collaboration between those within the Network” – Dr Jo Judge, NBN CEO

“We must create a landscape we can be proud of and one in which a new generation of biological recorders can enter, inheriting the skills and knowledge of our diverse Network and continuing to realise and harness the power of our collective biodiversity data holdings” – Rachel Stroud, Interim CEO

This review highlights work that has taken place over the last year to support the aims of the NBN Strategy 2010 – 2020 and the NBN Action Plan 2016 – 2020.

Along with the reports from the Chairman, Chief Executive and Interim Chief Executive, this annual review also has a word from a cross-section of our members to highlight their part in the Network and what it means to them. There are also the usual Financial reports and Administrative information.

NBN Financial Statements 31 March 2016

The Trustees who are also Directors for the puposes of company law, present their report and the financial statements of the charitable company for the year ended 31 March 2016.

2016 accounts

NBN Conference 2015 – report on proceedings

On 19th and 20th November 2015, just under 180 delegates from biodiversity organisations, local environmental records centres, recording schemes, government bodies, students and individuals all concerned with biodiversity data and biological recording came together at the Lakeside Conference Centre in York for the 15th NBN Conference.

For the first time in its history the Conference ran over two days and moved away from London, which had been its home for all previous NBN Conferences, to York.

NBN Annual Report 2014 – 2015

“The need for collaboration has never been greater as we set about implementing our new Strategy and Action Plan” Michael Hassell – NBN Trust Chairman

This review of 2014 – 2015 highlights work that has taken place over the last year to support the aims of the NBN Strategy 2010 – 2020, but with a forward look to what the new NBN Strategy 2015 – 2020 means for the Network, its members and for the critical need of good quality data to support conservation efforts across the UK.


NBN Conference 2014 – report on proceedings

‘Climate, Collaboration and Collection – Informing the new conservation agenda’

The 14th NBN Conference, held in the Royal Society, London on Friday 21st November, was a chance to bring together 170 delegates representing the diversity of the NBN to discuss the new direction of travel, catch up with colleagues from across the Network, listen to a series of thought provoking talks and most of all, celebrate how far we have come and talk about the future of the National Biodiversity Network under the new NBN Strategy.

NBN Annual Report 2013 – 2014

“The existing strategy needs to be periodically reviewed in this way, not because I believe in change for change’s sake, but rather to ensure that the NBN is meeting changing needs, and also to allow us to review our response to the evolving technical and policy landscape” Michael Hassell – NBN Trust Chairman

This review of 2013 – 2014 highlights how the NBN Trust, along with all Network participants and members, is working to achieve the Network’s vision of “making all biological records freely and easily available to everyone”.


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