Running a Biological Recording Scheme or Survey Guidebook

This guidebook is designed to help and inform administrators of biological recording schemes and societies.

Contents include:

  • Planning and funding
  • Field recording
  • Managing data
  • Publicity, recruitment, training and support
  • Making use of data


Improving Wildlife Data Quality Guidebook

These guidance notes focus on wildlife data verification and validation, in the context of the overall collection, management and dissemination of the wildlife information.

They are intended for use by anyone involved in collecting or using wildlife data. They are not intended to be the last word. Different participants in biological recording will have more or less of a need to adopt particular methods. One solution will not suit everyone but this document will give you a good starting point.


The Darwin Guide to Recording Wildlife

The Darwin Guide to Recording Wildlife explains how to record for enjoyment, for interest and to help science and conservation.

Charles Darwin was a recorder; he loved observing natural life and used his and others’ records in his science. We hope this guide will inspire you to get involved too!


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