Training material

This page is currently in progress, but we will bring you information and guidance to help you better understand various aspects of the NBN.  It will eventually include guidance on how to use the NBN Gateway and other NBN Tools.

For Ecological Consultants

These slides were used at a workshop held by NBN, ALERC and CIEEM in December 2013 – “Accessing and Using Biodiversity Data”

Training material for iRecord and Indicia

A set of training material for uers of iRecord is available online here

The documents, including a training manual (listed under Latest PDFs) can be downloaded here

You can also download a list of websites, apps and forms that have been created using Indicia List-of-Indicia-forms. The aim of this list is to give an overview of the diversity of data entry forms that have already been created and are therefore available to clone or adapt for other users, thereby saving development time and costs.

A video, prepared by Martin Harvey of iSpot, on how to use iRecord to verify records can be viewed below

A video, prepared by John van Breda, on using iRecord in training mode can be viewed below

A video, prepared by John van Breda, to show entering a simple record into iRecord can be seen below

Training material for NBN Record Cleaner

View a powerpoint presentation in video format which demonstrates how NBN Record Cleaner works.

NBN Web Services

View a video showing examples of how NBN Web Services are being used, which may give you some ideas of how you could also use them.

Training material for FSC Biodiversity Fellows course tutors

The PowerPoint below has been created as a template so that it can be downloaded and adapted for use by tutors who are taking any of the Field Studies Council Biodiversity Fellows courses.

The Seaweed example shows how it can be adapted.

Download the PowerPoint of the Bio.Fell course template

Download a PDF of the template

Download the PowerPoint of the Seaweed course

Download a PDF of the Seaweed training material

If you need any help in producing the NBN Gateway maps and reports, for use in this course material, please do let us know. – See more at: