Support, motivate and celebrate the success of existing biological recorders.

Why? Existing volunteer biological recorders are the lifeblood of biological recording in the UK and the NBN relies heavily of them. Ensuring they have the tools, resources and skills to do their work is essential otherwise data capture will not occur, existing recorders will burn out or motivation levels will fall.

The NBN will Priority Time-scale Priority for 2016-2017
1. Increase feedback to recorders (e.g., through creation of a UK Recorder Newsletter and through use of automated natural language generation) Moderate Ongoing Working Group 6: Captivating and engaging people
2. Celebrate the success of recorders through the development of an awards scheme for biological recording and volunteer of the month High One-off with review NBN Secretariat lead
3. Promote, develop and provide resources for recorders (handbooks, publications and tools) High Ongoing Working Group 6: Captivating and engaging people


Current activity

Current activity Who’s involved? Next steps Timeframe
 Arrange first meeting of Working Group 6 NBN Secretariat, NFBR, GiGL, BSBI Confirm date and venue  End July
Nominations for NBN Awards are open NBN Secretariat, BRC, NFBR Close nominations 31st July