Gateway leaflet

This is an introductory leaflet to the NBN data portal known as the NBN Gateway. It covers topics such as:

  • The types of information available on the NBN Gateway
  • Where the information comes from
  • How to access the information
  • How sensitive information is handled
  • An introduction to web services

Indicia flyer

Promotional flyer which highlights the key aspects of Indicia as the online recording toolkit.

Setting up a biological recording website leaflet

This leaflet explains the various NBN related options avaialble to you if you are considering setting up your own biological recording website. It also highlights the differences between each option in an easy to understand table

Sharing Information About Wildlife

This leaflet explains about the NBN as a whole, defining what the NBN is as a collaboration of organisations, what the NBN Gateway is and the role of the NBN Trust.

Using Biodiversity Data for Research leaflet

Are you studying for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in ecology or a related subject?
Are you a science professional carrying out biodiversity research?
Do you need quick and easy access to information on species, habitats and designated sites in the UK to support your studies or research?

This leaflet gives you information on getting the most out of data available from the NBN Gateway, if you want to use data for research.  It also includes examples of how data are already being used in this way.

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