Plantlife International

Europe’s largest conservation charity saving wild plants & fungi


Plantlife International overview

Wild plants and fungi underpin all life on earth. They enrich our natural landscapes, support food chains, are a powerful force against the climate crisis and their beauty and colours can calm our minds.

Plantlife is the global charity working to enhance, protect, restore and celebrate the wild plants and fungi that are essential to all life on earth. With two in five plant species at risk of extinction, biodiversity loss is now the fastest it’s ever been and Plantlife’s work has never been more vital. Plantlife champions and accelerates conservation action, working at the heart of a global network of individuals and organisations, to influence and inspire landowners and land managers, public and private bodies, governments and local communities. As time begins to run out, Plantlife’s position as the global voice for wild plants and fungi will help to bring lasting and positive change to our natural world – for everyone’s sake. Through our work, we connect people with nature so that everyone in society can enjoy and help protect the natural world around us. Our aim is to raise awareness of how important wild plants and fungi are to life and to inspire more people to take action to help them thrive again.

Plantlife is funded by donations from its 20,000 members, its supporters, grants and charitable trusts and through its pioneering land management advice and projects.


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