Plantlife International

Europe’s largest conservation charity saving wild plants & fungi


Plantlife International overview

Plantlife International is a conservation charity working nationally and internationally to save threatened wild plants and fungi. They are the life support for all our wildlife and their colour and character light up our landscapes. But without the help of Plantlife, this priceless natural heritage is in danger of being lost. From the open spaces of our nature reserves to the corridors of government, Plantlife works nationally and internationally to raise the profile of wild plants, celebrate their beauty, and to protect their future. We own nearly 4,500 acres of nature reserves across England, Scotland and Wales and have the backing of over 15,000 members and many more supporters, including our patron: HRH The Prince of Wales. Plantlife’s team of dedicated conservation experts work with landowners, businesses, conservation organisations, community groups and governments, pushing boundaries to save our rarest flora and ensure familiar flowers and plants continue to thrive. Plantlife was instrumental in the creation of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation and established the recognition conditions of Important Plant Areas. Over 2000 of these critical, high biodiversity areas for plants, have been identified globally. We have staff across the UK, either in national offices or working in the field.


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