Ealing Wildlife Group

Wildlife conservation group for the Borough of Ealing.


Ealing Wildlife Group overview

Ealing Wildlife Group (EWG) is a volunteer-run donation-funded Constituted Community Group that focuses on community involvement to protect local wildlife through education, conservation, and collaboration, preserving the natural spaces and species within the London Borough of Ealing.We provide an inclusive community of like-minded individuals who are all passionate about nature, keen to learn more about it and understand the importance of active conservation.With several conservation projects happening throughout the Borough, including our own urban nature reserve in Greenford and an urban reintroduction of Beavers, we provide the opportunity for locals to get involved.Relying on citizen science, our dedicated volunteers, local experts, and amateur naturalists collect and submit data on the biodiversity of species across Ealing.There is no formal or paid membership, so getting involved is simple. Check out our social channels and conserve Ealing’s wildlife today.


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