Dipterists Forum- The Society for the study of flies (Diptera)

Entomologists who specialise in these insects are “dipterists”. In 1993, a group of people who wanted to find out more about every aspect of their lives, including the habitats they require, set up theDipterists Forum. There is a great deal still to learn about flies. Mapping the distribution of some groups is a major achievement of the Dipterists Forum to date, but the immature stages of the majority of species are still unknown. Many species are becoming increasingly rare as a result of habitat loss and climate change.

Flies including; Anthomyidd flies, Chironomid flies, Chloropid flies, Conopid, lonchopterid & picture-winged flies, Craneflies, Meniscus midges, Fruit flies, Emphid and dolichopodid flies, Fungus gnats, Soliderflies, horseflies, robberflies, snipleflies, stilletto-flies, bee-flies and allies, Pipunculid flies, Snail killing flies, Sepsid flies, Stilt and stalk flies, Hoverflies, Tachinid flies, Tephritid flies
Dipterists Forum, Affiliated to the British Entomological and Natural History Society (BENHS)
1) Anthomyidd flies contact Mr M. Ackland at mackland@btinternet.com 2) Chironomid flies contact Dr P. Roper at patrick@prassociates.co.uk 3) Chloropid flies contact John and Barbara Ismay at schultmay@insectsrus.co.uk 4) Conopid, lonchopterid & picture-winged flies contact Mr D.K., Clements at dave.clements1@ntlworld.com 5) Craneflies contact Mr A.E. Stubbs and Me J. Kramer at alan.stubbs@buglife.org.uk and john.kramer@btinternet.com 6)Meniscus midges contact Julian Small at julian.small@naturalengland.org.uk 7) Fruit flies contact Dr B.Pitkin 8) Emphid and dolichopodid flies contact Dr Adrian Plant and Martin Drake at Adrian.Plant@museumwales.ac.uk and martindrake2@gmail.com 9) Fungus gnats contact Mr P.J. Chandler at chandgnats@aol.com 10) Soliderflies, horseflies, robberflies, snipleflies, stilletto-flies, bee-flies and allies contact Martin C. Harvey at kitenetter@googlemail.com 11) Pipunculid flies contact Mr David Gibbs at david.usia@blueyonder.co.uk 12) Snail killing flies contact Dr I.F.G Mclean and Darwyn Sumner at ianmclean@waitrose.com and darwyn.sumner@ntlworld.com 13) Sepsid flies contact Steve Crellin at steve_crellin1@hotmail.co.uk 14) Stilt and stalk flies contact Mr D. Sumner at darwyn.sumner@ntlworld.com 15) Hoverflies contact Dr S.G. Ball and Mr R.K.A Mossie at stuart.ball@dsl.pipex.com and roger.morris@dsl.pipex.com 16) Tachinid flies contact Mr Chris Raper and Matthew Smith at chris.raper@tachnidae.org.uk and MatSmith1@compuserve.com 17) Tephritid flies contact Mr L Clemons and l.clemons@ovi.com
How to take part:
Sightings can be submitted all year

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