Captivate and engage people about wildlife

Our Network will communicate about the natural world, its unique, rare and threatened and extraordinary elements, as well as those that are representative and commonplace. This includes communicating about the value of biological data, the importance of the Network’s aggregated data holdings, the importance of involving people in field recording and verification, the role of data curators and the many and varied applications for biological data.

The NBN and its members will promote the natural world, the enjoyment and importance of biological recording and the power of aggregated biological data.

What are we going to do?

The NBN will captivate and engage people about the natural world, about biological recording and the value of their data. It will do this by:

  • Engaging the public about biodiversity and biological recording.
  • Promoting the value and use of biological data.
  • Promoting the NBN and its members as the principle providers of biological and environmental data in the UK.
  • Promoting the NBN and increasing participation through membership and sponsorship.

Strategic Aim 3