Make biological data and information available to everyone

Our Network will process, organise and display biological data to create information for use by everyone. This includes increasing the visibility and usability of data, providing for innovation in how data can be used, and providing improved interfaces for rapid access to data.

The NBN will support the continued recording and collection of biological records, the mobilisation of historic and legacy data holdings and the development of a sustainable verification network to ensure improvements in the quality of data.

What are we going to do?

NBN member systems will become the primary means for standardising and sharing biological data. The NBN will do this by:

  • Facilitating arbitration of standards to maximise the usefulness of new data, methods and technology.
  • Increasing, streamlining and standardising the recording and collection of high quality, structured and representative data.
  • Diversifying the data available through the NBN (to plug taxonomic and geographic gaps and include habitat and ecosystem data).
  • Accelerating biological data flow (‘time to market’) from recorders to users (without compromising data quality).
  • Supporting, motivating and celebrating the success of existing biological recorders.
  • Continuing to grow the number of people involved in biological recording.

Strategic Aim 2