Double the NBN membership in five years

Why? For the Network to secure its future it must broaden its membership. Significant amounts of biodiversity data are currently not shared through the NBN and it will be valuable to expand the Network to include those who hold that data. A stronger brand will also provide opportunities to secure funding and deliver more value to its members.

The NBN will Priority Time-scale Priority for 2016-2017
1. Increase verification capacity through establishment of a UK Verification Network to share best practice, celebrate success and recruit High One-off with review NBN Membership review workstream
2. Streamline and standardise data capture processes and promote through use of league tables, data dashboards, summary statistics and data health checks High Ongoing Working group 7 – Supporting and developing the Network
3. Review and improve NBN data exchange standards to provide for more attributes (such as life stage, abundance and associations), metadata, resolution and openness Moderate Ongoing  Consultants Portal work stream


Current activity

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