Make the NBN a sustainable organisation that provides support for all members

Why? It is imperative that the core structure and governance of the NBN Trust (including Secretariat and Board of Trustees) is strong so that it can provide appropriate support to the Network. This operational effectiveness is critical to the NBN Trust if it is to be successful in achieving its aims and objectives.

The NBN will Priority Time-scale Priority for 2016-2017
1. Provide strong financial and budget control of the NBN Trust funds Mission Critical Ongoing NBN Secretariat lead
2. Maintain a Board of Trustees, representative of the NBN with the appropriate skills and required competencies in order to progress the NBN partnership Mission Critical Ongoing
3. Review NBN Trust governance so it is fair, open and transparent Moderate Ongoing
4. Provide and maintain a safe and healthy environment for the Secretariat and visitors Moderate Ongoing NBN Secretariat lead
5. Provide support to NBN Trust members, donors, data providers and partners High Ongoing
6. Deliver a programme of training and events to support the network Moderate Ongoing Working group 7 – Supporting and developing the Network
7. Evaluate Network effectiveness in implementing the NBN Strategy through annual business plans and Board governance High Ongoing
8. Research the priorities of NBN Trust partner organisations and ensure that the service provided is appropriate, cost effective and fit for purpose Moderate One-off


Current activity

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