Improve the interoperability of the NBN family of data infrastructure

Why? Providing interoperability between NBN systems will help the evolution of the information management infrastructure. The NBN will continue to have a mixed infrastructure environment for some time, therefore ensuring that these systems can work together will be important to save money and to make the most of existing systems. There is also a need to integrate data collection and storage systems with Earth Observation systems that are being built.

The NBN will Priority Time-scale Priority for 2016-2017
1. Prepare and implement a technical vision and strategy for NBN data infrastructure for data capture, management and dissemination (in conjunction with NBN Trust members and international partners) Mission Critical One-off with review Atlas implementation workstream
2. Develop a spatial portal to integrate species and ecosystem data with environmental layers Moderate One-off  Atlas implementation workstream
3. Establish a Tools Standards group to ensure interoperability of NBN Trust systems. Low One-off  
4. Set standards for data sharing and develop a unique record code system for individual records and datasets in NBN Trust systems Mission critical One-off  Atlas implementation workstream
5. Improve mechanisms for publishing data to NBN Gateway High One-off with review  Atlas implementation workstream
6. Develop an interconnected web between the NBN Trust family of projects and infrastructure (e.g., a unique login system for all NBN Trust data systems) Mission Critical One-off Working group 5: Increasing use of our data


Current activity

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