Provide a stable and secure platform for the NBN infrastructure

Why? In order to be trusted as important and useful data repositories, the NBN Gateway, and other data infrastructure and tools managed by NBN members, must be stable, secure and available 24/7. User expectations are that online systems should be continuously available. The protection of personal information held in databases of this kind is a legal requirement.

The NBN will Priority Time-scale Priority for 2016-2017
1. Increase verification capacity through establishment of a UK Verification Network to share best practice, celebrate success and recruit Mission Critical One-off Atlas implementation workstream
2. Streamline and standardise data capture processes and promote through use of league tables, data dashboards, summary statistics and data health checks Mission Critical Ongoing Working group 3 Biological recording online
3. Review and improve NBN data exchange standards to provide for more attributes (such as life stage, abundance and associations), metadata, resolution and openness Mission Critical One-off
4. Establish an NBN Data Management Accreditation Scheme to improve data quality assurance and promote best practice for data capture and curation systems Mission Critical Ongoing
5. Create an NBN toolbox of data capture systems and tools that meet NBN standards Mission Critical Ongoing


Current activity

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