Share all biological data internationally and collaborate with partners in Europe and GBIF

Why? Just as sharing data within the UK is valuable for research, education, conservation and environmental decision-making, so too is sharing both across Europe and globally. Being able to see species distributions and habitat and ecosystem data within the context of a wider geographic area would add value to the data

The NBN will Priority Time-scale Priority for 2016-2017
1. Collaborate throughout the British Isles, across Europe and globally (to maintain relations and to ensure the Network is adhering to best practice and assisting the global community with biodiversity data management) Moderate Ongoing
2. Work with members of the NBN to maximise visibility of UK biological data on international platforms Moderate Ongoing
3. Work to repatriate biological data for the UK held in databases throughout the world (and vice versa) Moderate Ongoing
4. Establish and promote policies for open invasive species data across Europe. Moderate One-off


Current activity

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