Treble visitation to the NBN family of projects and systems.

Why? Understanding user needs is vital for developing user-friendly systems and processes. Making data usable is key to the Network’s vision and will ensure ongoing support for, and investment in, the work of the NBN and its members. It will also demonstrate the value of biological recording.

The NBN will Priority Time-scale Priority for 2016-2017
1.Regularly assess data user needs and continuously improve the user interfaces of NBN products using forums and other mechanisms High Ongoing Working group 5: Increasing use of our data
2. Ensure NBN Trust systems meet the business needs and requirements of key user groups Mission Critical Ongoing
3. Support the research community in all stages of the data flow pathway (including establishing a national NBN student research grant scheme) High Ongoing
4. Improve data interrogation and visualisation tools through: workshops with user groups, user-centred design, and interactive collaborative events such as hackathons Moderate Ongoing Working group 5: Increasing use of our data
5. Report on visitation to NBN family of data systems Moderate Ongoing


Current activity

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